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On Britishness, pubs and fruit machines

What do a lot of British people have in common? Is there really such a thing as ‘Britishness’? Maybe the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the British would be those afternoons spent sipping a cup of black tea (with milk, of course) or those evenings at the pub drinking beer and discussing the dismal-looking British weather. Speaking of beer and pubs, in those good old days, British people also loved to try their luck on a slot machine (or two, or three!).

Unfortunately, these slot machines are not as fashionable today as they used to be, especially since pubs are moving upmarket and different gambling opportunities have been introduced, which may pay out more than the traditional lever-operated pub slots. In fact, slots at online casinos come with much more variety, and sometimes, with the potential to award huge jackpots too! Certainly, this is a topic worth blogging (and bragging) about, especially if you manage to land on a big win. In case you’d like to explore this subject further, we suggest you check out the best casino bonuses here, where you’ll also find a great choice of British casino operators.

13 Jul 2018